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SEO Search Engine Optimization

 Package Basic Advance
 Adding website to Google search engine  tak  tak
 Number of Keywords  2  4+
 Keywords Analysis  tak  tak
 Onsite Optimisation  2  4+
 Basic HTML Sitemap  tak  tak
 Backlinks  tak  tak
 Creation of Google Map  tak  tak
 Proposition of keywords  nie  tak
 Advance HTML Sitemap  nie  tak
 Speed check  nie  tak
 Code Structure Survey  nie  tak
 Local directory submissions  nie  tak
 Creation of unique Article  nie  tak
 Submission of unique Article  nie  tak
 Adding Blog comments  nie  tak
 Linked Blog with your website nie  tak


SEO Search Engine Optimization Basic

Is included in every website that we develop. But please remember this is only basic SEO. Most likely your web site will be show only when typing name on your web site to the Google search engine. So if you chose optimum of key words to four web name this option could be for you. But if you would like to add some other key words to be search by Google search engine or if you have great competition in the key word of your choice you mate thing about SEO Search Engine Optimization.


SEO Search Engine Optimization Advance – £75

Advance SEO is the great choice to place your site in the right place to draw maximum number of visitors and potential customers. Please remember that Google Search Engine diagnose more than 1500 categories before to decide the position where your site will be placed. On some of them you don’t have say like: how long the page is on internet and more. But with professional help we will try to set key categories that help your site to go up in Search Engine Statistic. This process may take some times. Google will chose the time, when will be visiting your site and changes that will be made by us today, the could be notice by Google in next 2 or more month. But if you looking on your websites in longer perspective this is “Most Have” option. If you thinking to get more traffic and get to top of Google instantly, Google Advert is for you. Doing Google advert you need to know that is more expensive in long period of time. The choice is yours.

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